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Tumbling classes are offered to children ages 6 to 18. Classes rotate on the floor, trampoline, tumble track, and tumble mini. The target ratio is 8:1. Our tumbling program is broken up by age and ability for more specific tumbling progress. The Tumbling apparatus that will be used during classes are:
1. Gymnastics Floors (GymNova “Moscow Floor” and AAI Competition Floor)
2. 50ft Tumble Trak
3. 35ft Rod Floor
4. Competition Stringbed Trampoline & 3 Web beds
5. Double Mini

Spring 2023

Tumbling Level 1 (Introductory)

This class is 1 hour in length and is designed as an introduction to tumbling for beginners. Students learn to perform basic tumbling skills on each apparatus, as well as general coordination, physical strength, and conditioning. Students also learn Round Off’s & other Running Tumbling basics, and Introduction to standing back handsprings.

Tumbling Level 2 (Intermediate)

This intermediate class follows the completion of Tumbling Level 1 and is 1 hour in length. Students continue to refine existing skills and expand on their tumbling vocabulary. Continuation of Standing Backhand Springs and Beginning to Connect Tumbling Skills. This class is designed for students who want to increase their tumbling skills.

Tumbling Level 3

This invitational class follows the completion of Tumbling Levels 1 & 2 and is 1 hour in length. Students will have stronger execution of their skills and tumbling technique. Students enjoy more of a challenge in sequencing skills together in this level of the sport. This class begins strengthening and perfecting larger skill progressions. We will build on the skills of Level 2 and work on tumbling series. Students work on a series of tumbling skills and the introduction of twisting skills.