Senior Management

Carly Markesich
President and Owner – Discover Gymnastics
Founder and Executive Director – Discover Fitness Foundation
About Carly

Carly Markesich earned her B.A. in International  Studies at the University of St. Thomas and is a graduate of Rice University’s Leadership Institute for Nonprofit Executives. Carly has been working in the gymnastics industry since 1979, as a coach and administrator. She is a USAG Pro Member, holds a USAG Meet Director’s Certification, and currently serves on the Texas State Administrative Committee for USAG. Over the years, Carly and Discover have received numerous awards including the Gymnastics Association of Texas’ Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the development of gymnastics and gymnastics programs in Texas, and Discover was named one of Fortune’s Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) 100 Fastest Growing Companies. Discover is now preparing for a second facility and program expansion. Carly is the CEO of Discover Gymnastics, Houston’s premier gymnastics facility, serving over 2000 students each week, ages 6 months – 18 years, including all levels of gymnastics, both competitive and non-competitive, in a 22,000sf state-of-the-art facility. Discover also offers ancillary activities including birthday parties, a retail pro shop, and hosts three USAG sanctioned gymnastics competitions each year. Carly attributes Discover’s success to her approach to employee training and professional development. Carly’s hobbies include traveling, reading and she is an activist championing the rights of children, women, and the environment.

Francisco Acuna
Sales and Marketing Director
Tiny Twister Head Coach
About Francisco

Francisco joined Discover Gymnastics in 1999. As a young boy, Francisco competed in swimming and platform diving. Francisco, originally from Monterrey, Mexico, relocated to the United States, after graduating with a degree in Hotel and Travel Business, to attend St. Thomas University in the ESL Program. After relocating to the Houston Area, Francisco’s friend asked him to take his kids to Discover Gymnastics for their gymnastics classes. As Francisco watched the class, he realized that he really wanted to coach gymnastics. For the past 18 years, Francisco has coached Boys Gymnastics, Tumbling classes, Special Needs classes, and then took over as the Preschool Gymnastics Manager. Francisco believes that everyone has the opportunity to learn gymnastics if your coach believes in you. Francisco takes pride in seeing some of his youngest gymnastics move up to the competitive team. In his spare time, Francisco enjoys running the park trails around the city, working out, eating healthy, or getting ready to book his next fun travel adventure.

Kristen F.
Front Desk Manager
Rhythmic Manager
About Kristen

Kristen joined Discover Gymnastics in 2013, bringing years of competitive rhythmic gymnastics, professional contemporary dance and choreographic experience with her. Growing up, Kristen studied classical ballet and performed with City Ballet of Houston Company while doing competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics. In 2000, Kristen won the title of U.S. Level 9 National Champion and enjoyed several years of both individual and group competition with her team. After graduating from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Kristen performed nationally and internationally with several professional dance companies located in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Houston. Kristen loves experiencing the world and different cultures, so her time in Greece, Ecuador and Austria remain some of her favorite places to have performed in. When the occasion arises locally, Kristen loves to teach master classes in contemporary dance and create choreography for Rice University or Sam Houston State University's dance programs. Kristen loves helping grow students' understanding of what they're capable of, and being able to inspire students to think positively about themselves to continue to achieve. Kristen also dances with an aerial company that tours to do performances off the sides of high rise buildings. Dancing locally with Houston Grand Opera is a joy for Kristen because it is right in the heart of the city, and is so artistically fueling to work alongside so many talented artists and guest musicians. Outside of work, Kristen enjoys going to tons of concerts, catching Astros games, traveling to new places, being active, pilates, sports psychology, enjoying sunny patios, catching up with her twin sister, big family events, time with friends and going to tons of live music concerts.

Amanda M.
Team Communications Manager
About Amanda

Amanda joined Discover Gymnastics in 2017. Amanda graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in Kinesiology/Sports Administration and minored in dance. Amanda was a gymnast for 14 years and a dancer for 18. Amanda has twenty years of coaching experience, eleven of those years as a Head Coach and Team Director of a local gym. Amanda has done choreography for gymnasts, senior school musicals as well as choreographed Shannon Millers Floor Wars TV special floor routine in 2001. Amanda joined Discover Gymnastics to assist with the communication and administrative side of our team programs. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family. What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics: I love that we can offer classes to everyone! From the basic gymnastics classes through the elite levels and the many different avenues in between.

Program Managers

Edison V.
Boys Team Head Coach
About Edison

Edison joined Discover Gymnastics in 2017 after relocating to Houston from New Jersey, bringing over 10 years of coaching experience with him. Edison began gymnastics at the age of 12 in Cúcuta, Colombia Edison’s strongest events were Pommel Horse, High Bar, and Parallel Bars. Some of Edison’s proudest achievements include a National All-Around Champion title in 2005, 3rd Place finish on Pommel Horse at the Pan-American Championships in 2002, and a 2nd place team title at Bolivarianos Games in 2005. In 2007, Edison was invited to start his coaching career in New Jersey to form a strong boys gymnastics program that cultivated dedicated boys who quickly began earning State and Regional Championship medals. It is Edison’s goal to see each gymnast reach their highest potential and he hopes to have all of our Boys Team on the podium this season. Edison knows the hard work it takes and the pride felt when your team succeeds .In his free time, Edison enjoys reading and watching movies.

Jessica R.
Gym Coordinator and Rec. Manager
XCEL Team Coach
About Jessica

Jessica joined Discover Gymnastics in 2019 bringing years of gymnastics coaching experience. Previously, Jessica was a gymnast and dancer for 23 years as well as a retired Pro NBA/IBL Cheerleader, Retired ESP Production Staff 6 years, Miss America 2.0 Judge, Deca Member/contest Judge, and retired National Halftime Performer. She received her associates degree in Business as well as her Bachelors degree in Business.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys relaxing and spending time with friends. Her favorite movie is Harry Potter and favorite color is pink.

What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics: Everything. It is a great place to work!

Fabian M.
XCEL Team Head Coach
About Fabian

Fabian joined Discover Gymnastics in 2018 bringing 20 years of competitive gymnastics experience and over 10 years of coaching experience. Fabian began his gymnastics training at the age of six in Cúcuta, Colombia and worked hard to have an impressive personal gymnastics career. As a proud member of the National Colombian Team for 18 years, Fabian’s strongest events were Pommel Horse, High Bar, and Parallel Bars. Some of Fabian’s proudest achievements include 3 South American Games placing 1st place on High Bar and Pommel Horse and 1st place Team, 3 Bolivian Games placing 1st place on Pommel Horse and 1st place Team, 6 Elite South American Championships placing 1st place on High Bar and Pommel Horse and 5 Elite Pan American Championships placing 3rd on Pommel Horse. In his free time, Fabian enjoys exercising, investing, trading and editing video games. He also loves spending time with his wife Leah and two beautiful children Cateleya and Dominic.

Carlos C.
TNT Team Head Coach
About Carlos

Carlos joined Discover Gymnastics in 2020 and is originally from Cucuta, Colombia. In 2010, Carlos became a part of the Colombian National Team and competed for the first time at the International Arena in the South American Championships in Peru. Carlos has achieved significant personal accomplishments throughout his gymnastics career. A few of Carlos’s proudest accomplishments are being ranked #28 at World Gymnastics Championships, 2nd place at Central American Games, and 1st place at the 2017 Bolivarian Games. When he isn’t currently competing or training, Carlos assists Discover Gymnastics as a coach with our Boys Team Program. In his spare time, Carlos enjoys movies, tennis and is a x-box gamer.

Katie R.
Preschool Manager
About Katie

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Team Coaches

Juan C.
Girls Optional Competitive Team Coach
About Juan

Juan joined Discover Gymnastics in 2016. Originally from Cucuta, Colombia, Juan graduated with his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health. Juan competed in the South American Games and Pan Americans Games with the Colombian National Team. Juan coached the Men’s National Colombian Team where he accomplished many winnings at International and National Meets. Juan coaches the Girls Optional Competitive Team. In his spare time, Juan loves to spend time with his family.

Haifa A.
Girls Team Coach
About Haifa

Haifa joined Discover Gymnastics in 2009 bringing many years of gymnastics experience. Haifa received her Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education from Baghdad University.
Haifa was a gymnast in Iraq for four years and a talented dancer. After her personal athletic experience, Haifa began her coaching career at 18 in Baghdad. She also taught fitness, aerobics and dance classes. She then taught gymnastics in Jordan and was the National Team Assistant Coach for 3 years and the Head Coach for 1 year. Haifa was also a member of the Olympic Committee in Iraq for more than a decade. Haifa then relocated to the United States where she began coaching at Discover Gymnastics. With her keen sense of rhythm, Haifa is also an exceptional choreographer.

Juan J.
Compulsory and Optional Team Girls JO Coach - Lead
About Juan

Originally from the Houston area, Juan currently has over 9 years of coaching experience, joining Discover Gymnastics in 2011. Juan graduated with his Bachelor of Fine Arts from UH. Juan started his professional dancing career with various companies at the age of 15. Currently, he performs as an acrobat in Houston’s Cirque La Vie. Juan has experience with a wide range of training methods over the span of his acrobatic and gravity-defying career that gave him his unique perspective on gymnastics skills. He has also coached TNT and acrobatic gymnastics in the past as well as taught dance in HISD. In his free time, Juan devotes time to music, photography, and art performance..

Tori F.
Girls Team Coach
About Tori

Tori has been coaching gymnastics since she was 13. Originally from Frisco, Tori is currently attending Texas Southern University and majoring in Public Affairs with a minor in communication. Her favorite color is red, enjoys the movie shrek, and loves shopping in her free time.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics?
How large the program is and the increasing enrollments.

Plamen G.
Girls Team Coach
About Plamen

Plamen joined Discover Gymnastics in 2018 bringing 32 years of coaching experience. Plamen graduated with a Masters degree in Artistic Gymnastics and a Bachelor Degree in PE. Growing up, he qualified for both the Jr. and Sr. National Men’s Artistic Team in Bulgaria, he competed in 4 World Championships and was a 2 times European Champion. Plamen qualified for the 1984 Olympics Games, however the Bulgarian team was not able to participate. Plamen is married to Bulgarian Gymnast, Diana Doudeva, who has competed in 2 Olympic Games and have two kids. In his spare time, Plamen enjoys woodworking.

Marissa M.
Girls Team Coach
About Marissa

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Alandra A.
Recreational Coach
About Alandra

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Brianna S.
Recreational Coach
About Brianna

Brianna started gymnastics when she was 2 and did competitive gymnastics throughout high school. She is originally from New Jersey and moved to Houston to work in Environmental Science. She was a cheerleader for Tulane University, loves the color orange and the movie Heavy Weights. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, hiking and spending time outdoors.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics:
The positive environment in which kids can learn gymnastics in a fun and exciting way.

Nathalie F.
Recreational Coach
About Nathalie

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Whitney M.
Preschool Coach
About Whitney

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Erik R.
Recreational Coach
About Erik

Erik joined Discover Gymnastics in 2015. When he began at Discover Gymnastics he worked Parents Night Out events, Birthday Parties, and Camp. Since then, Erik has worked his way up to Assistant Camp Manager in 2017 and 2018 took over as the Camp Manager. On top of running all of our camps, Erik now also assists with Preschool Gymnastics Classes and the Boys Competitive Team program. Erik was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He started swimming at age 3 and joined a team at age 4. He was a competitive swimmer for 12 years. In his spare time, Erik enjoys exercising and trying new foods. His favorite color is gray and his favorite movie is the Princess Diaries.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics: Teaching the kids new skills and watching them perform them.

Front Desk Staff

Thadey D.
Front Desk Staff
About Thadey

Veronica Q.
Front Desk Staff
Birthday Party Staff
About Veronica

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Front Desk Staff
About Kat

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Amber W.
Front Desk Staff - Lead
About Amber

Amber was a cheerleader growing up and has been coaching gymnastics for 3 years. She is currently taking classes at HCC and majoring in radiology. She loves to travel and has been to over 22 states. She has 3 sisters, one brother, and a dog.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics:
I love the atmosphere. Everyone is so kind, happy and energetic. You can feel the strong potential in everyone.

Emily L.
Front Desk Staff
About Emily

Emily has been working with children for about 5 years. She recently graduated from UH and is pursuing further education. Her favorite color is mint green and enjoys riding her bike.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics?
How excited every kid is coming into the gym!

Ednie D.
Front Desk Staff and Recreational Coach
About Ednie

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Birthday Party Staff

Mike B.
Birthday Party Staff - Lead
About Mike

Mike has experience working with children in both public and private school settings. His favorite color is red and loves the movie Next Friday. He enjoys creating music and art in his free time.
What do you love most about Discover Gymnastics?
That it is a fun and positive environment with lots of room for growth.