2021 – 2022 Season

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Texas Star
November 13, 2021
$40 meet entry

Discover Gymnastics
January 22, 2022
$40 meet entry

K2 Academy
March 26, 2022
$40 meet entry

Maximum Athletics
December 11, 2021
$40 meet entry

Rowland Ballard – Kingwood
February 26, 2022
$40 meet entry

April 23, 2022
$50 meet entry

The Skills Meet Program introduces recreational level athletes to the world of competitive gymnastics in a fun and rewarding structure.

The Skills Meet season typically runs November through April, and has a total of 6 Skills Meets to partake in. We are proud to host one of those meets every year right here at Discover Gymnastics with the other meets hosted in the surrounding Houston area. Gymnasts attend the Skills Meets, accompanied by their coaches, and get a chance to perform their level of skill mastery at the event. Each participant will receive colored ribbons based on their performance and the level of completion with tested skills.

Required Uniform for Skills Meets:

Girls Skills Meet Leotard $50

Boys Skills Meet Uniform $50

The overall positive environment at Skills Meets is designed to help children set personal goals of achievement with their gymnastics, as well as give them an opportunity to help build self confidence. Every participant will receive a ribbon for each of the gymnastic events and a medal for all around. Our recreational Developmental Programs at the gym attend all of the Skills Meets as part of their required curriculum to work towards their goals of making our entry level Team programs. We highly encourage all of our interested preschool through recreational level gymnasts to register for Skills Meets as well. This fun and memorable experience is a great way to give your child a chance to go further in a sport that they enjoy.

Spectator Fees:
$5 for Adults and kids 13 and over.
$3 for Senior Citizens and kids ages 12 and under.