Many of our coaches offer private lessons to our students. We recommend that private lessons be used as a supplement to participation in our regular classes. Our classes are highly productive, and students should be learning the bulk of their gymnastics and tumbling during classes.

Private lessons are a great service if the student is struggling with a particular skill, or needs a little extra fine tuning. Like anything else (piano, math, or other sports), the more you practice the quicker you learn. So, sign up for a few classes each week and supplement those with a few private lessons. You’ll acquire the skills you are working on very quickly.

  • A registration form must be signed and completed in order to participate in private lessons at Discover Gymnastics.
  • Only currently enrolled students are eligible to receive private lessons from Discover Staff. Private lessons are intended to augment what is taught in our programs, not instead of.
  • An annual membership fee must be paid for any seasonal Non-enrolled student (specifically for our out of town visitors, or cheerleaders during tryout season).
  • Parents must sign in and pay at the front desk BEFORE the lesson begins. The payment is for BOTH the gym fee and the coach’s fee. The Coach will receive payment on their paycheck.
  • Two children being taught by two coaches is considered two separate private lessons, not a semi-private. In a semi-private lesson, both students must be present and all fees must be paid BEFORE the lesson begins. More than 2 students is a class and must be scheduled with the gym coordinator.
  • Private lessons are NOT available during peak hours – the staff members are needed to teach our enrolled students in their regularly scheduled classes. Prohibited times are Monday-Friday 4-7p.m. and Saturdays 8a.m.-1p.m.

For more information, or to set up a private lesson, please call us at 713-680-0045.

Private Lesson Prices

Preschool/Recreational Privates
TimeGym FeeCoach Fee
30 min.$8.00$30.00
1 Hour$15.00$50.00
Semi 1 Hour$9.00 per child$40.00 per child
Developmental/Compulsory/XCEL-Bronze-Silver/ Boys Level 4-5
TimeGym FeeCoach Fee
30 min.$8.00$40.00
1 Hour$15.00$65.00
Semi 1 Hour$9.00 per child$50.00 per child
Optional JO/ XCEL – Gold-Platinum-Diamond/ Boys L6 and up/ Rhythmic
TimeGym FeeCoach Fee
30 min.$8.00$45.00
1 Hour$15.00$80.00
Semi 1 Hour$9.00 per child$60.00 per child