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Gym Policies and Rules

  1. Parents, spectators and siblings of students are NOT permitted on the gym floor or equipment.
  2. Students must remain with a coach at all times during class and cannot go out onto the gym floor or equipment until class is “called” by a coach.
  3. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the facility, and food and drinks are only permitted in designated areas (the snack area near the entrance and in the viewing areas). Food and drinks are not permitted anywhere on the gym floor or equipment.
  4. Parents may observe all classes from the viewing area only. For safety and instructional reasons, observers must refrain from communicating with students while they are in class.
  5. We strongly discourage absenteeism in our program. Regular attendance is beneficial to your child’s progress in the program – skills and techniques will remain fresh in their memories, and muscle memory is also important.
  6. Arriving on time (or a few minutes early) is highly recommended. Arriving late to class may be a chaotic beginning to your child’s lesson and it disrupts the other children in the group.
  7. All students must wear shoes to and from the gym, and parent/guardian must walk each student in and out of the building. No student may wander out into the parking lot unaccompanied to your car for pick-up.
  8. All girls wear leotards and have hair tied back. All boys wear t-shirts tucked into stretch shorts. Shorts with zippers, buttons, or pockets are not allowed. Students cannot wear jewelry or chew gum while in class.
  9. Gymnastics students must be barefooted (no socks or tights that cover the feet.)
  10. All students must wait inside the building to be picked up after class.

Absenteeism Policy

Your child has a reserved time for his or her class. Please understand the instructors are there to teach your children even if your child does not show up. While Discover Gymnastics will do everything possible to find the perfect fit for you, it is your responsibility to schedule your lesson in a time that fits your child’s schedule.  In order to see continual improvement in your child’s skill attainment and physical development, it is important that attendance be consistent.  If you choose not to follow these guidelines, your child will be removed from the class roster.

Attendance & Absenteesim Policy – Fall 2024 – Beginning August 12th, 2024

During covid we had a very liberal make-up policy because we actually encouraged you to NOT bring a potentially ill child to class.  Now that covid poses less a threat through vaccines, immunity and effective treatments it is time to update our Attendance and Absenteeism Policy to reflect current enrollment where it is no longer feasible to provide massive numbers of make-up classes.  We REALLY want our students to attend class! 

  1. Our instructors are ready to teach your child in their reserved class.
  2. Our curriculum is taught through “progressions”.  If you miss a class, your child misses an entire segment of the curriculum and that lesson is now missing from their actual progression.
  3. Our program is designed for Discover gymnasts to progress one level each semester until they reach Prep 3.  
  4. If your child misses more than 4 classes, they will have to repeat that level.
  5. We strongly encourage your child to attend the class day/time that you have registered for because their spot is reserved for them only and will remain vacant if they miss class. 
  6. We encourage your child to consistently attend class in order to see progress and feel more confident about their ability to level up in gymnastics.
  7. We will celebrate perfect attendance for students with a prize drawing for EVERY CHILD that has perfect attendance at the halfway mark and final mark of the semester.
  8. We are incentivizing perfect attendance for parents with a drawing for a free leotard for their child or a free Discover Kids Night since THEY made it possible to get their child to the gym every class.  There will be two Winners announced at the conclusion of the fall and spring semesters. 
  9. Our classes are completely sold out with waiting lists.  Randomly adding students to a class other than their own is disruptive to the class.  And, the class they attend in lieu of the absence does not cover the missed curriculum from the absence.


What happens if my child does need to miss class for any reason?

Here are your options should your child miss their reserved class…

If your child needs to miss a class, they miss. Your child will be marked absent by the end of the night after the class finishes. You can redeem your child’s absence(s) within the active and current semester only. Absence(s) can only be redeemed as an ABSENCE CONVERSION.


2 absences –> Flip it Friday (5yrs and older)

2 absences –> Stay & Play (6yrs and younger)

3 absences –> Half Day Camp or DKN (3yrs and older)

4 absences –> Full Day Camp (3yrs and older)

  • A single absence is not redeemable for a complete conversion.  You may pre-register (so we can staff properly) and pay a small additional fee of $10 to cover the more expensive cost of enrollment in Flip it Friday or Stay & Play.
    • You cannot convert more than 4 absences in a single session. Any missed classes, beyond 4, are essentially lost value.  If your child is diagnosed with an illness or injury that prevents them from participating MORE THAN 4 consecutive weeks, we will put your membership “On Hold” and attempt to sell your spot in class. You must communicate this extended absence immediately upon your awareness of the condition.  A Dr.’s note will be required.  Please refer to our refund policy if you are going to miss a large portion of the semester’s classes.
    • Baby Stars and Discovery classes are the ONLY programs that we can offer a true Make-Up Class.  

What has changed for the Fall 2024 Session Absence Policy?

  1. Shorter expiration on usage of Absence Conversions (not one year for absence conversions). Your child must utilize the absence from the active semester to redeem for some other activity or just be ok with missing your reserved class with no return/refund/credit option.
  2. The concept of Make-Up Classes and overbooking an existing class is no longer offered in our regular class schedule due to our programs being sold out, student safety, class quality dilution, and at capacity for safety on equipment in the gym. (The only exceptions in allowing rescheduling a class is when the gym closes for a planned holiday/closure or inclement weather/conditions brings about an unplanned closure on our behalf.) 
  3. We offer prize drawings for students with Perfect Attendance halfway through the semester and at the conclusion of the semester. We want your students to WANT to be here regularly and commit to what they set their mind on participating in.
  4. We will have an end of semester prize drawing for parents of students with Perfect Attendance all semester long. We want to appreciate the continual planning, coordination and effort that goes into getting your child into their class consistently and help support their commitment to gymnastics classes for the semester. 

Our new absence policy will be in effect for the Fall 2024 Semester as we come off of what’s sure to be an exciting Olympic Games in gymnastics in Paris. We will have newly committed and many returning gymnasts of ours in classes this Fall filling the gym. Our programs will be sold out and we want to really focus all of our students on attending classes as planned and incentivizing the reward of growth in committing to an activity/sport. Keep in mind we really want your child in their enrolled class, improving and attending regularly to enable skill development, recall and advancement through our program. Consistency and interest is key in each child’s development and success with a sport like this. Our coaches are here, ready for your students with lesson plans and gymnastics at the planned time they are enrolled for. 

Absence Policy Revision – Effective Fall 2024

We remove Make-Up Classes entirely to the general customer (unless the holiday/gym closure forces a child to have to miss their enrolled class, then they could be a Make-Up Class). Only Absence Conversions become the process of utilizing missed classes and a child can redeem up to FOUR absences for the designated activities. Missed classes, beyond 4, are lost value, AND the student must repeat the level.  A student must have a space reserved to attend conversion activities so we can staff properly.  

The only programs that we will offer true Make-UP classes are for Baby Stars and Discovery students because babies constantly get sick and often need to miss out of necessity. Baby Stars and Discovery students CAN convert absences to Stay & Play.  

Payment/Enrollment Policy

  1. Membership Fees are due at the time of enrollment, renewed annually, and are non-refundable. Membership Fees must be current for class enrollment. 
  2. Tuition is prorated from the date of enrollment and charged by semester. There are 3 semesters per year (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Tuition may be paid in full or payment plan. We offer two payment plan options: the split into two payment plan ($10 service charge included once) and split into three payment plan ($25 service charge included once). Payments can be made by credit/debit card, check or cash. Payments are due on the 15th day of the month or subsequent month(s) if you opt for a payment plan. Your credit/debit card will be kept on file for payment plan options and will be processed on the specified dates unless you contact us prior to the billing date. If your debit/credit card is declined for any reason, causing your payment to be late, a $25 late fee will be added to your account. We do not mail payment reminders to the address on file. If we do not receive payment after 14 days your child will be removed from class.

Withdrawal/Drop Policy

If you need to withdraw from the program, a Withdrawal Form (located at the Front Desk), MUST BE received within the first 4 weeks of sign-up.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT WITHDRAWALS OVER THE PHONE OR THROUGH EMAIL. WE MUST RECEIVE A PHYSICAL COPY OF THE WITHDRAWAL FORM. You must communicate with the Front Desk should you need to DROP from your class. NOT ATTENDING classes will not suffice as an acceptable form of communication that you wish to drop from your child’s class.

Limited Refund Policy

The Limited Refund/Credit policy is as follows:

  • Discover Gymnastics has a VERY LIMITED REFUND POLICY.
  • Membership Fees are non-refundable.
  • Upon withdrawal from the program, Discover Gymnastics will place an in-house credit on your account for the remaining unused classes to be used at the gym for other services we offer. Credit amounts are based on date of withdrawal form receipt in office. A Withdrawal Form is required for any Refund/In-house Credit request.
  • In-house Credits will remain on file for your account for the remainder of the registration year, not indefinitely.
  • Refunds will only be considered for unforeseen circumstances and have fees associated with them if/when approved by the owner.
  • A refund processing fee of $25 will be deducted from the unused amount. An additional 7% fee will be deducted from the total charge if you paid by credit card and refunded on credit card.
  • If you withdraw and request a refund between week 6-8 in the semester, we will deduct 25% of your refund.
  • If you withdraw and request a refund between week 9-12 in the semester, we will deduct 50% of your refund.
  • If you withdraw and request a refund between week 13-22 in the semester, a refund will not be given.
  • All refund requests take 30-90 days to be processed based on the owner’s approval.
  • Checks will be issued for refund for charges that were initially made by cash or check.
  • Credit card refunds will be electronically processed for charges that were initially made by credit card.
  • No Refunds or Credits for any unused purchased Summer classes by the end of the session. What is not used is lost.
  • No Refunds or Credits issued for gym closures due to unforeseen circumstances or inclement weather. An absence will be notated on your account (for Absence Conversion or a class) should the gym temporarily close for an event or temporary closure on your class day.
  • Not attending class does not indicate or communicate that you need/want to drop or begin an in-house/refund request process.

Checks will be issued for payments that were made by cash or check; we do not issue check refunds for payments made by credit card or ACH.