A Letter from Carly

Covid19 Update 

January 2022 Covid 19 Update 

Dear Discover Families, 
Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and you were able to get out and about safely with family and good friends and celebrate the joy of Christmas.  Last year at this time, due to a post-Thanksgiving surge of Covid, we had to shut down for two weeks, cancelling Christmas parties, classes, winter camps and delaying our annual holiday Reindeer Games.  Most of us had very quiet holidays at home and little else outside our households!  My, how time has flown over these past two years of the pandemic, and what a roller-coaster we’ve been on.  2020 was such a disaster in so many ways!  Yet, 2021 gave us vaccines and the gym began to rally in March of 2021.  Well into the summer things seemed to be somewhat more normal, even hopeful.  Sadly, the delta variant came along and cases started popping up again.   Yet, with all your help (reporting of cases and remaining home, following quarantine protocols, getting vaccinated, etc.) we created a bubble and were able to keep things going.  We concluded this year with normal activities and events and only a few unrelated cases of covid, but now with Omicron taking center stage, we are faced once again with another significant surge. But the gym has survived, we are on solid footing and know that we will be here for years to come. We just need to remain diligent and hope things continue to improve in 2022.  We are all looking forward to a much better year!   
I looked back at my end of year message of 2021 and saw mention of “virus fatigue”.  Ha!  Here we are a year later and still navigating this virus!  Virus fatigue is real, yet we must continue to take all precautions at our disposal.  Covid cases are soaring right now.  Over 5000 new cases a day in the Houston area.  We have done so well, and we must continue to take every precaution.  Get boosted now, and make sure children over 5 years of age get vaccinated as well.  With Omicron and its high rate of transmission, fatigued or not, we will continue with all the same protocols.  Spectators will be required to wear a mask, and we do ask that you arrive with your own.  As a friendly monthly reminder, we ask that you continue to NOT send your children to the gym if someone at home is ill or if your school or another activity advises you of possible exposure – until Covid19 has been ruled out.  And, if someone in the household has been exposed to Covid19, we ask that your child not attend for at least a week to see if your child presents symptoms.  We will continue a very liberal make-up policy to accommodate these incidental absences.   
Here’s a link to the current covid trends in our area.  They’re not good: 

As a final reminder, priority registration concludes in December.  We have limited our class schedule and will not be adding any additional classes at peak hours of operation.  Any spaces in classes not taken by current students in December will be made available to those on wait lists and new families wanting to register.  So, I encourage you to register now and reserve your spot in class.  If you have been placed on a wait list, we are working on accommodating you as I write this letter.  We will reach out to you, and you can also stop by the front desk, call or register on-line as soon as possible. 
In closing, all of us at Discover Gymnastics wish you a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing your children at the gym! 

Kindest regards, 
Carly Markesich