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A Letter from Carly


Happy Summer everyone! I hope everyone has had a wonderful summer vacation or just now wrapping up all your travel plans before school starts! We’ve had a very exciting summer and are now getting ready for an action-packed Fall here at Discover Gymnastics. Our Fall semester begins Monday, August 14th, so I wanted to include a covid update in our August newsletter. I haven’t done that in a while, so wanted to send a friendly reminder of our covid policies, and some CDC updates that you might want to hear about now that we aren’t watching so closely. Here in the USA, we’ve done a pretty good job of stamping this virus down. Vaccination rates are great, cases have dropped, and the Public Health Emergency ended on May 11th. But covid isn’t gone completely. We have a really good antiviral treatment with Paxlovid, but plenty of people still catch covid from time to time. We’ve had coaches and family members who have still contracted the virus this summer and that puts them out of work for a minimum of 5 days. If our coaches are out sick, we can’t staff properly, so we would like to remind families to test your child for covid if they aren’t feeling great. If your child is sick with anything that has them not feeling so great, remember it’s ok to stay home and just schedule a Make-Up Class once they are feeling tip top again the next week. We will continue with a very liberal Make-Up policy to accommodate covid cases. Your attention to sending only healthy kids to the gym really does make a difference to classmates and staff members.

Here is the current recommended protocol for covid – 5 days in isolation, and that is what Discover Gymnastics is following.

This next site gives you tons of information about vaccination rates. In the USA, 90-95% over the age of 5 years has been vaccinated! Worldwide, nearly 1 billion have been vaccinated. Scroll around to different pages to get the most recent information. So, we’re absolutely headed in the right direction, but I want to make sure we set out on the right foot this fall.

Thanks everyone and stay healthy!

Take Care,

Carly Markesich

Owner, Discover Gymnastics