A Letter from Carly

June 2022 

Covid 19 Update 

Dear Discover Families, 

We’ve been mask free for the past 3 months and while April was essentially covid free, May did have about 5 or 6 reported cases in the kids.  There continues to be some community spread and covid is not yet gone, but vaccines have been proven to be highly effective and there are many more therapeutics available if you have the misfortune of contracting the virus.  Here’s the most current link to the Texas Medical Center’s covid dashboard:  


The Texas Medical Center, as of May 9th, has concluded their reporting of covid statistics.  Harris County reports that 78% of the population has received at least one shot and 63% are fully vaccinated.  This is very good news indeed, as the threshold of “herd immunity” was estimated at 75%.  Here’s Harris County’s vaccine info for easy reference: 


Lastly, here’s a great report (must watch video) about vaccinations about to be available for children under 5.  Relief for our youngest population is coming this summer: 


We will continue without masks this summer and we will also continue with drop off pick up because it will be helpful with summer camp and some parents have really enjoyed this convenience.  We will update you in August if drop off pick up will continue in the fall.  This will also be my final covid update for the summer. 

I continue to urge everyone to vaccinate, and boost when eligible.  I’m leaving this article in from last month for those who may want to read more about the positive effect of the life-saving vaccine.  It is estimated that “Covid-19 vaccines prevented about 1.1 million deaths and 10.3 million hospitalizations in the United States”.  Here’s the entire article: 


In the meantime, I will remind you of our HONOR CODE – do not send your kids to the gym if anyone at home is sick with Covid!!!  And please advise us of covid cases so we monitor any potential spread at the gym.  Simply wait a week and schedule a makeup.  We will continue with a liberal makeup policy.  We will also continue with our post-covid return:  infected individuals are most contagious 3 days prior to symptoms through their 5th or 6th day of symptoms.  So, if you or your child tests positive for Covid, they can return to the gym after 7 days from when symptoms began.  You DO NOT need to test negative to return.  The virus can be detected for months afterwards, but you are no longer contagious. 

THANK YOU everyone for helping keep Discover Gymnastics a healthy environment for the children.  

Have a fabulous summer! 

Carly Markesich