A Letter from Carly

Dear Discover Families,
Good news! We have remained free of Covid19 cases in the gym for the past month! It surely has to do with the relatively low transmission rate (similar to back in October – 5%) and less than 5% for over 2 weeks, but we still have community spread in our area of over 1000 new cases each week. And, we attribute our success to the continued use of the Honor Code and the vigilance of all the families and staff remaining home if not feeling well (just in case).

Here is a link to the most recent information:

While we are happy that we continue to avoid spread here at the gym, we will also continue with our current health safety protocols and procedures for the entire month of April: Drop off/pick up, minimal spectators, lots of handwashing, and hand sanitizer between rotations, as much social distancing for the kids as we can maintain, mask-wearing, equipment and surface cleaning between use, and our weekly anti-viral bombing of the entire facility. At this point, about 50% of our staff have received at least one, and in many cases both shots of the vaccines. Others are still on waitlists but are actively pursuing vaccination. We are hopeful that by May 1st widespread vaccination will be achieved in the greater Houston area, and throughout the U.S. In Houston, 560,000 people are fully vaccinated and at least partially vaccinated with 1,800,000 shots provided. That’s almost a third of the population. This is a good sign for summer. So, hang in there a little longer, don’t let down your guards, and get vaccinated…we are almost clear for a return to more normal activity levels. We anticipate that in May, we will be able to allow more spectators once again, but will keep the drop-off/pick-up lanes available. We’ve had very positive feedback from families that they like this system. Most go and run errands for an hour or so while their child is in class. Your input on continuing to provide this service beyond May is appreciated. Just mention it at drop-off or pick-up in an informal poll, and we will keep you posted on the consensus. If it is something you like, mention it. We can continue to offer this convenience at least through the summer.

Stay Healthy,

April Covid Update