Girls Competitive Team
The Discover Girls Team is a highly competitive program developed for the gymnast who has successfully achieved the basics of the sport and has a desire to take her talent to the next level. Our coaches are committed to creating a positive, competitive atmosphere enabling each gymnast to reach her full potential. With designated team equipment, practice times can be run efficiently and with more repetition for the gymnasts. The Girls competitive program offers Levels 2 – Elite and is by invitation only. Evaluations are required before being placed on a level.

For more information, please contact Amanda Morse at 713-680-0045 or

Level 2
This program is our pre-team program used to develop the skills, character building, and mental approach needed to be successful at gymnastics and life.

Compulsory Teams
Our compulsory teams consist of Levels 3 -5 which are considered the beginning levels of competition. The routines at each level are the same. The compulsory program is designed to teach core skills that build at each level. As the gymnast progresses through the compulsory program, she will be building a foundation of skills that will help her achieve the higher levels of gymnastics.

Once a gymnast has mastered the compulsory levels, they advance to the next level of competition, the OPTIONAL level. Routines are built around a set of guidelines/level requirements that suit each gymnast’s strengths and abilities. Each routine is different and scores are based on how well she performs the skills in the routine, meets all the requirements of that level, and the artistry of each routine.